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“I have engaged Mr. Rochkind on several occasions as an expert to appraise real property in contested divorce litigation. He has always been prompt for appointments and has provided detailed reports in a timely manner. His reports have been praised not only by the client for whom I engaged his services, but also by my opposing counsel. I highly recommend Mr. Rochkind, and intend to employ him again in the future.” Steven Gaba, Esq. – Gaba Law Firm Sgaba@aol.com



“Stephen provided a very professional, thorough appraisal promptly and at a very fair price” Scott Gardner, Esq. - Law office of Scott Gardner Scottgardnerlaw@aol.com


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As an attorney, you need solid, defensible documentation that provides an accurate determination of property value.  You can rely on Area Appraisal Services.

As an experienced professional who understands and respects the sensitive and private nature of a divorce, I am committed to providing you only the most exact, most thorough property appraisals quickly and securely.  Please visit my website www.areappraisal.com today and give me a call at (301) 215-7567.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Stephen Rochkind, SRA